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Hospital/Clinic Centres

List of observorship programmes available

The centres listed have observorship programmes available for visiting young ophthalmologists. Grant awardees should contact the centres directly and agree all arrangements. This list is for information only and does not imply any endorsement from the ESCRS. Awardees may accept observorship places from institution/clinics that are not on this list.

*Note: ESCRS must have notification that the awardee has secured an observorship placement before the grant funds will be dispensed.

Clinics/Hospital Centres

Listed have observorship programmes available for visiting ESCRS Young Ophthalmologists.

Clinic Location Contact
Hanusch Hospital AUSTRIA Prof. Oliver Findl, MD
Instituto Microcirugia Ocular of Barcelona BARCELONA, SPAIN Marga Guell
Antwerp University Hospital BELGIUM Prof. Dr Marie-José Tassignon, MD,PhD,Febo
Eye Clinic “Kozomara” BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Dr Bojan Kozomara
CHU MORVAN – Universite de Bretagne Occidentale FRANCE Prof. Beatrice COCHENER
Augentagesklinik Spreebogen GERMANY Prof. Manfred Tetz
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main Department of Ophthalmology GERMANY Prof. Thomas Kohnen
Institute of Vision and Optics GREECE Prof. Ioannis Pallikari
San Carlo di Nancy Hospital, GVM Care&Research ITALY Scipione Rossi, MD
University Eye Clinic Cyril & Method SLOVAKIA Prof. Andrej Cernak, MD, DrSc.
Vissum Corporacion Oftalmologica SPAIN Prof. Jorge Alio
University Eye Clinic THE NETHERLANDS Dr. Rudy MMA Nuijts, MD, PhD
Oxford Eye Hospital UK Mr Paul Rosen
International Medical Centre Oftalmika UKRAINE Medvedev Boris, Svidko Kateryna
Eye clinic Svjetlost ZAGREB Prof. Nikica Gabric
Grant Application

Documents required prior to application: